Aspiring to Diffuse Innovations in a Heart Beat
- Open - Adaptive - Tribal -




Mission Statement
  • The Open European Network for Enterprise Innovation aims to strengthen Europe’s innovation capacity and at fostering innovation in higher education, business and the broader socio-economic environment of the European Union by identifying, developing, and sustainably implementing measures to disruptively accelerate the value creation of ideas in high value manufacturing from inception to late adopters and laggards in markets at individual, organizational and systemic levels.

  • The key aspirations are
    • an open, adaptive and inclusive community of applied learning formalised as an association of participants from a highly diverse spectrum of higher education, business, and individuals,
    • a living systems based system dynamics simulator, forecaster and monitor of the end-to-end innovation journey and its value creation based on principles of intellectual capital reporting,
    • a coherent set of actionable treatments and interventions for accelerating the speed of value creation,
    • policy recommendations at individual, organizational and systemic levels in partner regions and the overarching European Union,
    • a novel vocational and academic career framework focused on the “weaving” and “acceleration” of rapid innovation systems in high value manufacturing, and
    • an engaging interactive “play in a day” allowing participants to experience the innovation journey with all their senses.


ENTOV-HVM is about helping “really really” good ideas grow to their greatest potential and dedicated in memory of Debra Mae Amidon and based on her “In Search of Innovation – A Book for Children and Leadership Executives” (2005). This story builds on her dream and exemplifies its spirit.

“There was once a really clever white mouse called Wow. Wow often had good ideas. One morning he had a “really really” good idea! All excited he scurried to share it with his best friend Smile who said “This really is a “really really” good idea! I love it!” Wow became even more exited and scurried on to show the idea to his other best friend Blank. Blank said “You have got to be kidding. I just do not get it. What a silly idea!” Tears rolled down the face of Wow and he thought about letting go of his idea.

But, deep in his heart, Wow knew it really was a “really really” good idea. He could almost see it grow and change the world. So Wow drew a picture of the idea and showed it to his family. He showed it to his WHOLE family – even the cousins twice removed who lived by the old apple tree in the backyard. Some cheered; some laughed. A few said “Huh?” They could not see how his idea shone the way he could. Wow wondered how he could help them see it shining too?

Wow knew he needed a better picture to show how the idea could work. So he spent one whole Saturday adding to his picture until it was a lot clearer and showed it to everyone again. But, as it turned out, it was only clear to those who could imagine using the idea themselves. But Wow wanted to draw his idea so that EVERYONE could love it the way he did. But how could he do that? His youngest sister Spots was willing to help. She said, “Red will get their attention; but do not make it all red. Add some Green – it makes things grow. And blue – blue is deep, like the sky.”

Now red, green and blue his picture looked better to some of his other friends. One said, “I wish I had made this idea.” Another even tried to steal the idea, turn it into something different and keep it for himself. But Wow held on to his idea.

Wow showed the picture to his neighbour Antsy, the artist. Antsy said “Try adding yellow. No, add gold – yes, star-gold, it will warm the heart of people. Build a nest around it in shades of purple – violet to fuchsia so that people will know this idea is alive.” the picture turned into a kaleidoscope of colours.

And so Wow took the idea – now wearing a rainbow of colours – to every mouse he knew and even mice he did not know. Now, when the other mice saw the idea they clapped and said “Yes, yes! This is a “really really” great idea. We love it!”

EVERYONE loved it… well, almost everyone. The three grey mice who lived behind the garbage cans groaned “Cute idea, but believe us, it is not really worth much. Cannot see any value in it.” Wow felt “really really” sad again. Wow felt so sad that he thought “Maybe I need to let go of this idea. Maybe it is not a “really really” great idea after all.” Wow let go of his idea.

But just as he let go, an amazing thing happened. Other mice started to notice the idea and talk of its possibilities. The idea began to grow into a sparkling picture that twinkled when the mice talked about it. The idea grew brighter whenever it was discussed. Wow realised that the idea had to grow in other people to truly shine.

Now the idea was ready to show to the world. And mice came from all around to see it sparkle. Some thought “Maybe it is a magnifying glass or a crystal…” Others asked “Can you make one for me?” “Me, too!” shouted one of the grey mice. Wow wondered “How could I make so many images of my idea? How could I truly share it with the world?”

Wow had another “really really” good idea. Wow invited everyone he knew and everyone he did not know to bring a mirror and capture the idea for them. When they gathered together the colours flashed back and forth and his idea became the idea of many. All the mice shouted “Now WE CAN innovate the world!” And Wow finally knew it was a “really really” good idea.

What is YOUR “really really” good idea?