Aspiring to Diffuse Innovations in a Heart Beat
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Litmus Test

The Innovation Diffusion Litmus Test enables you to forecast how long it will take for your innovation to travel from ideation to market saturation. The individual questions then enable you to identify and implement actionable interventions which accelerate that diffusion as desired. The forecast is based on your assessment of key questions related to your innovation and the group of individuals that is needed to diffuse it based on the narrative of the generic innovation diffusion web available at

The Test is an Excel(R) based tool that can be downloaded for free from

The Test focuses on key accelerators for innovation diffusion to late adopters and is designed to be completed without prior knowledge of the body of knowledge underpinning the test. While in-depth analysis are available, the test focuses on being “good enough” to enable you to accelerate without further guidance.

The Test is ideally completed as a semi-structured interview with an accredited ENTOV-HVM advisor, however it can be completed independently as desired. If you email the completed test to then we offer a free one hour online debrief with comparison of your assessment results to relevant other assessment results we have gathered.

Key capabilities include:

1. Assess the maturity of your innovation (Suitability for Innovators, Early Adopters and Late Adopters).
2. Assess the maturity of the group of individuals needed to diffuse your innovation (Forming, Exploring, Education/Training and Performing).
3. Assess the overall maturity of your venture (Do not launch / Improve / Launch).
4. Forecast how long it will take for your innovation to diffuse to the late majority adopters (therefore 84% market share).
5. Identify actionable interventions to accelerate the diffusion of your innovation and simulate their impact.