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I4C+ Roadmap

I4C+ High Level Roadmap


The below list of work packages and activities provides a high level overview of the I4C+ “roadmap”. Activities will be focused on progressing along the roadmap as quickly as possible considering resource availabilities. The roadmap will be updated regularly and also serves as the “foundation” for relevant funding proposals. The detailed roadmap contains information on estimated effort/cost and qualified resources.


WBS # Task Name
0 I4C-Plus-20210603
1 WP #1: Manage Programme
1.1 Define and implement programme governance and coordination
1.1.1 Develop and implement governance plan
1.1.2 Develop and implement reporting plan
1.1.3 Refine work-packages and agree on ownership / team
1.1.4 Develop and implement quality and risk management plan
1.1.5 Milestone: Integrated governance and coordination plan
1.2 Create community foundations
1.2.1 Create and implement steering committee (including regular election for roles)
1.2.2 Create financial plan
1.2.3 Develop and implement intellectual capital report for impact measurement
1.2.4 Develop and implement effectiveness evaluation plan
1.2.5 Develop and implement meeting, communications and awareness raising plan
1.2.6 Create/implement/review/update governance tools (i.e. Terms of Reference, Membership Guidelines, Code of Conduct, NDA, SOP)
1.2.7 Design/monitor/review/update informal rules of engagement
1.2.8 Develop and implement education plan
1.2.9 Develop and implement data management, intellectual property rights & license management plan
1.2.10 Create and operate website and social media
1.2.11 Milestone: Community foundations created
2 WP #2: Build Community
2.1 Coordinate WP
2.2 Define adopter groups and target organizations
2.3 Agree scenarios and use cases
2.4 Agree goal, purpose and activities
2.5 Agree roles and workstreams
2.6 Agree on areas of information sharing and what information is shared
2.7 Agree information exchange process among members and their organizations
2.8 Agree information exchange process with other communities and other stakeholders
2.9 Agree on secure collaboration technologies
2.10 Milestone: Community Built
3 WP #3: Run and Develop Community
3.1 Run community
3.1.1 Orchestrate (equally active) information sharing among members and communities
3.1.2 Organize and orchestrate virtual meetings and workshops
3.1.3 Organize and orchestrate face-to-face meetings and workshops
3.1.4 Orchestrate membership
3.1.5 Orchestrate community splitting and re-combination
3.1.6 Orchestrate diffusion across adopter groups
3.1.7 Orchestrate contribution and collaboration process
3.1.8 Orchestrate outreach activities (including National CSIRTs – ecosystem)
3.1.9 Orchestrate collaboration with other ISACs
3.1.10 Enable joint incident simulation exercises
3.1.11 Manage 24x7x365 incident and real-time threat communications
3.1.12 Enable joint crisis response activities
3.1.13 Enable joint research & development activities
3.1.14 Manage real-time threat map
3.1.15 Manage joint-risk register
3.2 Task: Develop community
3.2.1 Conduct continuous improvement based on performance evaluation results
3.2.2 Enable incident sharing
3.2.3 Enable best practice sharing
3.2.4 Enable collaborative threat analysis
3.2.5 Implement shared services for member support
3.2.6 Conduct contaminaton labs
3.2.7 Conduct ACT-NOW! Events – combined contamination lab hackathon and play-in-a-day
3.2.8 Conduct experiments
3.2.9 Conduct living labs
3.2.10  Revise/maintain digital security effectiveness framework/assessment for cities
3.2.11 Milestone: Community Developed
4 WP #4: Disseminate and Exploit Community Knowledge
4.1 Create / publish annual (status) report
4.1.1 Milestone: Annual report #1 (Q4 Year 1)
4.1.2 Milestone: Annual report #1 (Q4 Year 2)
4.1.3 Milestone: Annual report #1 (Q4 Year 3)
4.2 Create / publish / disseminate white papers
4.2.1 Milestone: White paper #1 (Q3 Year 1)
4.2.2 Milestone: White paper #1 (Q3 Year 2)
4.2.3 Milestone: White paper #1 (Q3 Year 3)
4.3 Organize and conduct annual web conferences
4.3.1 Milestone: Annual Webconference Q3 Year 1
4.3.2 Milestone: Annual Webconference Q3 Year 2
4.3.3 Milestone: Annual Webconference Q3 Year 3
4.4 Create learning journey book compendium and toolkit
4.4.1 Milestone: Version 1 issued (Q3 Year 1)
4.4.2 Milestone: Version 2 issued (Q3 Year 2)
4.4.3 Milestone: Version 3 issued (Q3 Year 3)
4.5 Create structure for continued deployment / implementation after project end
4.5.1 Agree offical structure after project (i.e. association)
4.5.2 Agree funding model after project (i.e. membership fees)
4.5.3 Enable dedicated resources for member support
4.5.4 Milestone: Structure for sustainability implemented
5 WP #5: Enable with Infrastructure
5.1 Coordinate work package
5.2 Implement secure email
5.3 Implement secure collaboration technnologies
5.4 Milestone: Collaboration technology implemented Version 1.0
5.5 Additional costs
5.5.1 Travel
5.5.2 Overhead costs
5.5.3 Journal publication
5.5.4 IT hardware
5.5.5 IT licenses
5.5.6 Lodging
5.5.7 Per diem
5.5.8 Key Milestones Milestone: Project Start Milestone: Project-End

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